Ohana Strong

Today is a big day for Leigh Anne Pereira and I. You see January 9, 2016 Elle and I started Family. We wanted a safe place to be ourselves as we figure out who we’re becoming on this journey! Today we welcomed our 5,000th member! That’s 5,000 people just like us, trying to find their own special, beautiful and unique path. In the last year and a half we have seen new life, we have lost life. We have seen members overcome insurmountable obstacles. We have seen people hurtle over complications. We have seen those hanging by their fingertips, on the cliffs of depression, never once giving up. They have reached out for help or to offer help! YOU, all of you are FAMILY! All 5,000 of you! Your love, respect, humor, devotion, tears for your fellow man is what makes Family unlike any other group out there. We are unique and we are special just like our journeys! I want to give a quick shout out to our mods who help keep the peace and keep Elle and I sane as we branch out into the world! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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