When The World Notices You Changing.

When the world starts noticing you’re changing, it can be quite a shock on how you get treated.  So many people are used to seeing us as the fat friend, fat sister/brother, fat spouse, fat kid, fat parent.  They can react in negative ways to our continuing changes.  They can start to treat you different.  Some become encouraging. Some try to sabotage you. Some just stop coming around.  IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

You are allowed and entitled to live a happy, and healthy life.  It always boggles my mind that others insecurities are wrapped up our weight loss.  I’ve heard it all. “Now I’m going to be the fat friend.” “You wouldn’t have lost all that weight if you never had surgery, you took the easy way out ” “I don’t like other men/women looking at you” “You’re so beautiful/handsome now that you’ve lost weight you’re going to leave me.” These are things people try to put on us to make us feel guilt over choosing this path.  Shake it off!!!! YOU’RE ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY! If they truly love you they will support you, regardless of their insecurities. You do NOT have to stay in the “box” they put you into. Break out of it.  DEMAND respect, you deserve it. DEMAND kindness, you deserve it. DEMAND support, you deserve it.  DEMAND HAPPINESS YOU DESERVE IT!

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  1. Yessss!! Or omg how much more are you going to lose.. I mean you don’t need to lose anymore… you don’t want to get too skinny… aaaaahhhhhhh

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