But What If I Die?

I think the biggest concern and questions we get are about complications or death from surgery.  Now as you know I’m not one to sugar coat things.  YES complications happen.  YES people can die from surgery. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PROCEDURE.  So this is usually what I like to say to those asking.

  1. Remember why you started this journey! Remember all your struggles. Remember all the times you’ve tried to diet and exercise on your own and it just hasn’t worked. Remember the dream of living a full and healthy life with your loved ones.
  2. Think about your future goals and dreams. Think about climbing that mountain, running that race, swimming those laps, dancing on that dance floor. Walking your daughter down the isle. Chasing your son down the side line at the football game.
  3. Know that YES its MAY happen that you have complications and it MAY happen that you “die on the table” HOWEVER if you don’t get your weight and health under control it WILL happen from being overweight.
  4. Don’t let fear be your deciding factor! Use it as a tool! Use it to drive you to succeed! Use it to escort you to the next chapter of your life. Use it to keep you from returning to this moment in time!
  5. Surgery is NEVER our first option.  For most of us it is our last-ditch effort to be healthy, happy, and whole.
  6. Most importantly love yourself enough to know your WORTH the change! You DESERVE  the chance! And happiness is just on the other side of that losers bench!

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