Head Hunger

Today’s topic the dreaded “head hunger”! Oh I know what your thinking, “it’s not in my head, it’s REAL!!!”. And while that maybe true SOME of the time, the majority of the time it is not. See head hunger FEELS real.  Your belly may growl, your brain may say oh look food, but in reality its an illusion, a mirage. I like to think of it as the “phantom limb”.  You know when someone who loses a limb still has pain in a limb that no longer exists.  Same concept.  Here are a few tips I have found to help combat the head hunger!

  1. Eat something small like fruit or veggies.  If you’re still hungry after that, ITS NOT REAL!!
  2. Drink something warm. Warm beverages help the belly feel full and can help quiet the brain.
  3. Keep your hands busy.  If I can I paint, candy crush, color, read, Play on Family, it helps removed the focus of the brain out of the kitchen.
  4. Leave the kitchen! Take a walk, take a bath, clean out a closet, type up your life story…… the key is distraction.
  5. Keep protein shakes on hand! They are fuel and if your growling dragon wants MORE it’s a lie.

REMEMBER we’re all learning as we go. The one key of this journey is LISTENING and LEARNING to your new body.  But with that comes the knowledge that everything we feel MAY NOT BE REAL.  It may be the panic of a new sleeved brain.  It maybe reminisce of hungers past. The ONLY way you can learn what it is, is to address it.  Be the outsider looking in and thinking to yourself ” Am I really hungry, or is my addiction hungry?”

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