Tips For A Successful Journey


1) Always have fluids and food on hand. Keep protein bars or shakes in your car or purse. Keep a few bottles of water in your car.

2) Plan your meals ahead of time: By day, week, or month.

3) Eat within one hour of waking up then every 2-3 hours after. Tracking your times or creating a eating schedule will help you get your fluids in and your body prepared to burn fuel.

4) Using baby utensils, bowls,plates, and sippy cups can help you eat slower and smaller bites.

5) Measure and track your food. Our eyes are bigger than our bellies, discuss with your NUT how much you should be eating per meal.

6) If going out to eat pull up the menu and plan your meal ahead of time. Kids menus are excellent choices, and most restaurants will allow it.

7) Have some form of movement planned for the week. Having a workout partner is great or join our NYBC BOOTCAMP!


1) Use your resources! Doctors, NUTS, Support Groups, Podcasts, Friends, Family. Ask Questions, lots and lots of questions.

2) Find healthier alternatives to the foods you love. Pinterest, Family, Google are your friends. EVERYTHING can be made healthier.

3) Learn how your new body will work so you can prepare your family ahead of time for the transition. Seeing you eat so little can cause an uproar and set off concern.

4) Talk with a doctor about a workout regimen that will be ok for you, and/or a personal trainer.


1) Make non food goals for goals met. Massages, Tattoos, Clothes, Hair, Vacations… Treat yourself.

2) Believe in yourself! Realize this is a learning experience and nothing is impossible if you work for it!

3) ALWAYS remember the goal is HEALTHY and HAPPY not skinny. ENJOY your life!

4) REMEMBER: Life happens!!! One bad food choice does NOT make you a failure.

5) MODERATION: In ALL things is key! Working out constantly is NOT healthy just like eating bags of candy isn’t healthy. BALANCE!

6) DON’T compare your journey to others! Were all special and made differently. The only competition is with yourself!


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