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I have been overweight my whole life…I can remember as early as the age of 10 being put on a diet because I was getting too big!! Going to visit my grandma in another state and she put me on a special diet while all the other grandkids got treats…it was then that I started building a wall and really letting no one in!!! I felt like an outsider my whole life!!! I even tried to commit suicide three times. At the age of 16 I was told because of Pituitary gland and PCOS I would never have any kids…God blessed me with a hubby that loved me unconditionally and didn’t care about how big I was!!! Then two miscarriages and two births later my weight started climbing and climbing!!!

At the age of 42 I had enough!! I wanted to be healthier and skinnier!!! My girls were following in my footsteps and I wanted to stop the cycle!!! I wanted to become a better mom!!! I really didn’t have any health issues other than PCOS, acid reflux, low blood sugar, and IBS!!! So I didn’t know if I qualified but it was worth the try!!! And thankfully I qualified in weight alone!!! At my recorded highest I was 355 pounds, but I had already lost weight before going to dr but don’t know the number!!! So on Jan. 27, 2015 I had Gastric Bypass!!! This weight loss has been a struggle from day 1!!! While I was in surgery my Aunt passed away from cancer and the dr told them not to tell me till the next day because it wouldn’t do my recovery any good…well I found out and was so upset that I didn’t get to say goodbye…dr advised me not to travel the 2 hours one way for funeral but I refused and went anyway 2 days post op!!!

That landed me back in hospital for another overnight stay…then at 2 week appointment I told them I couldn’t keep anything down so they looked and I had a stricture…so they dilated me and I did good for one week and it closed again…they went in at 4 weeks and found a bleeding ulcer in my new pouch!!! So I have struggled with the ulcer ever since!!! I am 29 months out and still really only eat little compared to others that are eating normal!!! In May of 2016 I had surgery to remove my left thyroid because of small nodules well it came back with cancer…I also lost my voice for two months. They wouldn’t go in and take out right thyroid till vocal cord damage was resolved.

So in August they went in and took out the right thyroid as a precaution but it had even more cancer then the left one…also my lymph nodes were swollen…so I had radiation in September and they want to wait 6 months to see if the swelling goes down…if not more surgery. On December 30, 2016 I had yet another procedure done in my sinus cavities to open them up and take out some blockage. After years of headaches and a sudden pain on left side I had test done. They found that I have severe arthritis of spine, degenerative disc and joint disease, spurs on my spine, and from neck all the way to tail bone nerves are being blocked or pinched and a few disc are completely gone. Having a series of injections to try and ease the pain. My fear is high that I’ll need surgery again!!! I’m done with surgeries!!!! The pain is so severe sometimes that my fingers are dumb!!! Through all this I have learned that with God I am an overcomer!!!

I am on two meds a day just for ulcer, one med for anxiety/insomnia, one 3 meds for nerve damage pain, 2 pills to level my TSH and all our daily vitamins!!!

But I would do it all over again to be given this new chance at life!!! I can honestly say that if I had to go thru this cancer at 355 pounds I’m not sure I could have done it but at 160 pounds I was able to fight and stay strong!!! I am a better example to my girls that given any circumstances we can overcome them with hard work…I work used to work out 5 times a week and eat healthy everyday!!! I cook healthier for my family and even give them healthier deserts so they don’t feel deprived!

Sorry for long post!!! I hope this helps someone out there!!!

With all the steroids and injections my weight has climbed and it scares me but I truly believe that prayer works!!!


Love y’all!!!

HW 355
Lowest weight 159
CW 180
Gw. 160

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  1. You are such an inspiration

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