Abbey C.

Hiya so here’s my story 2 years ago I was on 40 pain killers a day and crutches to walk any distance! My disks in the bottom of my spine were degenerating at a drastic rate and my spinal consultant said I needed to lose between 6-7 st (38 -44kg or 84-98lb) before he could operate on my back. So on the 21st December 2015 I had gastric bypass surgery. In the last 22 mths I have since lost 11 1/2 st (161 lb) and seem to be maintaining my weight. I have in the last 8 mths take up running and in sept I completed my 1st half marathon ! I have had my ups and down and in march this year ended up having surgery again as I had a complication with one of the new tubes they created which decided it would telescope inside itself repeatedly !! I have been extremely lucky through this whole process I think and yes it’s been hard but it’s the best thing I have ever done. It’s hard now to to try maintain as the sweet demons are back ! So I have a devil on each shoulder I battle with daily. 1 says eat it, eat it, sugar – mmmmmm; the other says no, no – don’t eat it cause you will get fat !! So that’s my story. Hope it wasn’t too boring.

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