Elaine “Laney” Key

My story starts at about age 9 when I hit puberty and my brother in law touched me inappropriately..from there at age 12 my other brother in law touched me inappropriately many times..My Mom married his Dad. Later he became abusive to my mom plus I figured out he was peeping on me when I was asleep. Telling me I should not wear stuff like that. Mom finally left him. He showed up at our apartment..Told my mom she was going to have sex with him since they were not divorced yet..He told her if she sent me to get help she would be dead by the time I got back..She told me we were going to have to run..I let her go ahead of me and locked him in the apartment. He chased us with his car while we ran. Fast forward I was raped as a teen by a supposed friend. Lost a baby. Got married at 18.. Had my oldest daughter at 19. Abused and cheated on by her dad, we divorced.. He got visitation. My daughter was 2 and started naming body parts a 2 year old should not know. Plus coming home almost comatose I stopped visitation.. Found out he was abusing her as well as his wife and her son were. Met my youngest dad almost 8 years later. Moved to Michigan. 2 years of isolation, sexual, mental and physical abuse. My oldest wanted to move back to Georgia with my Mom. Months later I left that relationship and moved back home to Georgia.. My oldest was failing all her classes..They recommended counselling. Mothers day the day before counselling my oldest told me she had been abused by my ex the youngest dad..before i left him I had found a picture of him naked in the babies closet. The counselor said based off the abuse he did to my oldest he likely abused my youngest his own daughter. I blamed myself even though I knew nothing about my daughter being abused. They think he drugged me because I don’t remember much of the two years I lived there.
Living in negativity with my family my weight reached 370.. High blood pressure..insulin resistant. edema,sleep apnea. My Doctor suggested Bariatric surgery. Fought with him to get one paper. He one day just up and closed his practice. My oldest daughter tried to commit suicide so I gave up on surgery. Years later after she had married I worked with my new Doctor and was amazed how fast the process went. 8/3/16 I had RNY performed. I have lost 112 pounds..My surgery weight was 323..I am now about 214..No meds..No swollen limbs. I can walk a mile or more and not become very winded. Living longer means so much to me..To be around for my kids and family .

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