Kathy Henry


I’ve been overweight my entire life. Diets? I’ve tried them all. On July 2013, I broke my back. I under went a L5-S1 fusion, while in surgery the paddle blade broke and Dr couldn’t retrieve it without potentially paralyzing me. I still carry around the blade just inches from my spinal cord. After surgery and PT I was still in horrible pain. My primary and orthopedic surgeon suggested Gastric Bypass to get the weight off my spine. My referral was put in and within 3 weeks I was having my Bypass. In the short amount of time I had to gather information, I had made the decision that RNY was right for me. I was ready to be healthy and out of pain. On July 15th 2014 my life changed. I had RNY, everything went as planned. I went into surgery with some unrealistic expectations- and got a few surprises in the days & months following. Sure, I’ve been to the pre op classes to hear about complications. I took nutrition classes how to learn how I was supposed to eat forward.

But nobody really explained (though to be fair they did try) how much this surgery would mess with my mind. They didn’t tell me that instead of no longer thinking about food, I’d spend my entire day counting fluid intake & protein grams & keeping track of which vitamins I’d taken. What’s more the weight didn’t just magically melt away with no effort. This perhaps the single biggest myth out there- that having gastric bypass is the easy way out. It’s the exact opposite. You still have to exercise, you still have to be very careful about what you eat. I now weigh 112lbs and feel healthy but my back is still an ongoing problem. I continue having procedure and this will be life long.

I’ve been blessed with the BEST support team… I would like to Thank my husband, sons and BWLF. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me your invaluable support when I needed it the most. Your helping hand proves a boon most. Your suggestions & advice has helped me a lot overcoming my problems. Today I’m secure because of you. I truly appreciate that you are always there for anybody who needs help. Family and Friends like you are a jewel in the crown. It would be of utmost pleasure to me if you need any sort of assistance from me in future I shall always be there for you. It’s my pleasure to be a Sr Mod/PA to family

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