Mindy D.

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Hello, I have always been over weight even as a child. In 5th grade I was in an xl already. My uncle decided when I was 13 to take my innocence, by 16 I was a 26/28 and they didn’t always fit. I think that was the beginning to my out of control weight gain. A sort of defense. If I was bigger, he would leave me alone.
At 17 I became pregnant. I was 350 pounds and at his birth I weighed in at 420. My son’s father was extremely abusive. He had even taught our 2 year old how to call me a fat cunt… “you don’t call her mom you call her fat cunt”
I continued to gain weight. I left him shortly after Joe was 2. When I was 21, I tried having wls but blue cross turned me down saying I was too healthy. At that point I was desperate. I remember my boss at that time saying he didn’t want his pretty girls working midnight’s but it was okay for Mindy, that was about the time I became bulimic. My bulimia got me down to 250 pounds but three more pregnancies I was holding strong at 300. The bulimia was tearing my marriage apart and with the support of my amazing husband I stopped. I wanted to make sure that I was bulimia free for over a year, at the two year mark I decided it was my time. I had the biliopancriatic diversion with duodenal switch and in order to qualify your bmi has to be over 50 and I was just under.
After consulting with my surgeon we decided this would be the best option, it has a higher weight loss and higher success rate of maintaining your weight long term. On 9/22/16 I had surgery. Best choice of my life even with slight complications and a lot of pain I would do it again.


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