Tina L.

I have always struggled with my weight. Weighing 245 at my Highest I was always on yo yo diets. Finally losing about 50 lbs I was at a good place. Got pregnant and gained 30lbs and ended up losing my baby.. got pregnant again 5 months later and gained 22lbs … The weight wouldn’t come off … having a divorce and working taking care of my daughter and dealing with a lot of stress … I ended up with high blood pressure and I was border line diabetic .. I knew this wasn’t the example I wanted to show my daughter. I ended up talking to a friend of mine who had the surgery and I went to the seminar .. I didn’t start my process until January .. and at first I didn’t know if I really wanted to go through with it .. but I knew I needed too. I had the surgery 5/23/17 I was 237lbs and I was ready for a new me. Now I’m 169lbs and I feel better than ever .. I am so grateful for my tool and I wouldn’t trade it for anything

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