Brandy S.

My life started out like everyone else for the most part. I grew up in south Florida living either in the swimming pool or the ocean. My weekends were spent at the horse barn riding. My parents split when I was 3 or 4 and my mom was left a single parent for the most part with my sister and I spending every other weekend at my fathers. The divorce was painful for them but worse for my sister and I. We were forced to have to listen to both of our parents speak ill of the other. When I was 9 my mom met a man and moved him into our condo. Almost as soon as he moved in he began sexually abusing me. It went on for years. My mom drank a lot and for the most part his abuse went unnoticed. For the most part… she later has admitted that she had vague thoughts about my relationship with this man including speaking to her closest friends about it. AT one point I told her but she had spent the day drinking and doesn’t remember. I was 14 before she asked him to move out by then almost 6 years had gone by and the damage was done. I saw myself only as a sexual being from that point on and I began abusing my body with drinking, drugs and boys. Eventually I found my way into the military and later as a cruelty investigator for several different police dept.

I got married and had a beautiful son then got divorced. Around 10 years ago I met my now husband. He saved me in many ways. At this point I was still the pillar of health. 5’4″ 125 ish. Then my depression stepped in changing my life. The drinking started back and the eating turned from eating for survival to eating to cope. My once near perfect body was changing and I didn’t seem to care. I had spent years on and off in therapy working through so much to have it all come back. I continued to work doing cruelty investigator stuff which only added to the problem. I handled some of the worst cases (many made national news) My specialty was blood sports. During this time I gained about 100lbs. The stress of my past and my job were haunting me. Eventually they would kill me if I allowed it. My health was horrible. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc… One night I woke up and couldn’t sleep so I began researching wls. I went to the next seminar and made the decision to take back my life. On March 22 of this year I had rny bypass. My husband ,son and my sister are my biggest supporters along with this group of course. I have gone from 225 to 151. I am off all my meds including my anti depressants and I feel wonderful. My relationships with some people have changed but I’m ok with that. I have my sister, my husband and my so. Sorry my story is so long. Thanks for listening.

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