Jayme Allen

I’ve shared my story before with everyone but for the newbies. Here it goes. When I was 5 years old I had a knot show up on my right shoulder that was malignant melanoma. They removed it and after I started gaining weight But ever since I was in 6th grade I’ve been bigger then everyone else. Also my whole life I’ve dealt with back and leg pain. Sometime worse then others. I broke my ankle when I was 35 and had to wear a cast. By the time I got the cast off my back and legs were killing me. The cast and the way I had to move around caused it to hurt. Well the cast went and the pain didn’t. So with a MRI they found out I have Spinal Bifida Occulta, my spine is fused in my lower back within that area 2 bulging and 2 herniated disc, and Epidural Lamatosis. The pain is hell at times. Well while dealing with my back I got real bad sick and was put in the hospital to find out. I did have a enlarged Lymph node in the middle of my sternum. The surgeon went in at the collar bone to biopsy the lymph node. While in there he touched a nerve that paralyzed my vocal cord that left me without a voice. Oh and didn’t get a good sample. 2.5 weeks later I had surgery again. This time another biopsy to get to the same area. Another Surgeon went in to my side through my ribs into my lungs laparoscopically to get another lymph node sample and where it was at it couldn’t get to it. So he had to end up cutting me 12″ on my right side and collapse my lung. That also caused nerve damage and pain. All of ended up being Scarcoidosis, Chung-Strauss Syndrome, and Wegners Syndrome. The treatment is high dosages of long term of steroids plus a organ anti rejection medicine to lower my immune system. I took them for 3 years. One of the side effects was gaining weight. The extra weight caused me to be almost bed ridden. I hurt constantly.

My Dr sent me to a Neurosurgeon to be evaluated and he would not do surgery because there is nothing they can do because the damage Is a birth defect. The only way to get some of the pain to go away was lose weight. So I had already seen one Dr. to talk about WLS and he said No because of my autoimmune diseases. His worry was that my stomach would leak. I waited about a year and I asked my PCP if I could seek a 2nd opinion. She agreed as she did the first time. So I went to another and I was a candidate for WLS. Instead of 6 months of weight loss, I had to do 8 and I had to be off of the steroids and the immune suppressant.. At 5 months before WLS I was taken off the steroids and a month before WLS taken off of the organ anti rejection medication. I had VSG surgery on Aug 9, 2016. I lost 54lbs preOp. WLS so far has helped with my pain. I still have to take pain meds but the amount of pain has lessened. I’m no longer having to be in the bed and I have more energy and mentally capable of doing more. Its really been a God send. So my CW 203 HW 379 SW 326 GW 198 and I’m 14 months out. Sorry this was so long. I had another Bio but I wanted to go into to a little more detail. Sorry also I’m not a writer so please excuse the punctuations and spelling. I just wanted y’all to know more of my journey and how this came about. Be Blessed!!!

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