Trina J.

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Before my surgery I weighed 317 lbs. I always fell an had health problems an talked to my family doctor about lot of stuff that was happening to me an they came up with me having the roux-en-Y surgery. An before Surgery i could eat anything but after surgery you have to eat certain foods and flow a chart of stuff that they give you. An before I had my surgery you also have to have classes an make a amount of weight you would like to loose or what they think is best for you. An have to eat certain foods for 6 months I think before you go have your surgery an after surgery they give you liquid stuff for a few weeks an stuff an they have you up walking after surgery.. an every since I’ve had it I’ve been having this puking where I can’t keep anything down an I’m 9 months out an had my surgery December 5, 2016 an I weigh 188.2 lbs an haven’t lost weigh by a good way but only because I have puked more than I was supposed to that’s why I have lot more weigh the unhealthy way instead of losing it the right way.
My challenges are to lose weight as best as I can an was to exercise but I haven’t been able to do that because I’ve been puking lot an haven’t felt good or anything.. an my success are to hopefully feel better an to get to do lot more an to work out an to work on losing that extra skin an to get to my goal weight that I have set.. my highs would be I felt lot better before my surgery by the none puking an can eat what I’m aloud to an what I’m not to eat is alright. An my lows would be hopefully to get all of this surgery I have coming up an having good results on it an hopefully it all comes out good an my bad lows would be this surgery is a good one but it doesn’t fit everyone or they don’t come out with the same effect an different experiences from the surgery.. before my surgery I wouldn’t play or do anything really but I’m glad I had it for the sake of my health an for my grandkids an to do lot more with the family an to better my health life an to try to be more fit..


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