Mental and Emotional Weight Loss

We spend so much time on this journey trying to lose the physical weight, that we lose sight of the fact that we also need to lose the mental and emotional weight that got us there in the first place.
While surgery will get you there physically it creates a lot more problems mentally and emotionally that seems to be very taboo to talk about. So as we do with all things and family were opened honest raw and we talk about it.
It is proven that foods high in sugar or carbs physically give us a burst of happiness in our brains. That’s why for so many of us, when we are having moments of high stress or moments of sadness or depression, we reach to the foods that make us happy. Our comfort foods that will trigger that happy endorphin release.
However as we all know after surgery, that “fix “is no longer an option for us. Not unless we want to gain back everything that our tool has worked to lose.
Does that mean you can never have sugars or carbs again?? NO!!!! It means recognizing when you’re reaching for the bag of cookies that is not coming from an emotional place. It’s being mindful of what your reaction is to the food around you.
So how do we get rid of the emotional and mental weight?
1. Therapy,therapy,therapy!!! Have somebody in your corner that is just for you! Somebody that can have your best interest at heart, and help you navigate the pitfalls of being an emotional eater.
2. Medications: depression and anxiety are both very real side effects of weight loss surgery! As you know our brain runs on chemicals. As we lose weight those chemicals are released from our cells and flood our system causing our brains to go a bit wacky. If you are feeling “off” (emotionally unstable) and you don’t know why please speak to your doctor it could be something as simple as a chemical imbalance that can be fixed with a pill until your weight stabilizes.
3. Support: Find people that you trust to help support you on this journey. People who understand what you’re going through and can lend an ear when things look bleak.
4. Art: Being artistic in any form whether it’s coloring in a book, painting by numbers, stitching, singing or dancing can help trigger the same endorphins as a cookie.
5. Meditation/Prayer: Taking 5-10 mins a day to set your brain on the right path of peace and relaxation can help the whole day.
6. Cut yourself some slack. This isn’t something you’re going to “cure” over night. It takes YEARS to create bad habits, and YEARS to break them
Know That you’re not alone, the struggle is very real. It’s manageable with the proper tools and the proper mind frame.

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