It Is Our Nature To Change

As the leaves fall to the ground I am reminded things must die for new life to be reborn.  We must shed the spring beauty we have grown out of. We must hit the ground yellow and brown. HOWEVER, we don’t have to lay there and rot. We can drift on the wind and make “death” a beautiful thing. A dance, a celebration of the life we loved and the hope of what’s to come. Then we will be covered in a blanket of innocent white snow. Pure in our intentions to grow. While the world doesn’t see us there we are planting the seeds for the new life we wish to be born in the spring.

Some of us will get torn up. Some of us will get muddy, some will be run over by life. But even at our most broken and battered, we have the amazing ability to still drift on that wind. To still dance in the sun. To still plant the seeds to grow in the spring.

Be your change. See your beauty. Embrace your hope. Encourage your new life. Renew yourself just like the earth, it’s our nature, it’s our instinct, it’s our RIGHT to change.

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