Why Suddenly the World Sees Us

Does the world view us differently or do we now view the world differently?

Here’s the thing, before weight loss, most of us shunned eye contact, never spoke up and blended into the back ground. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to by years of bullies; because, for years, we were safer to blend in and not bring notice to ourselves, but that has changed! We WANT to be noticed; we WANT to be treated like we matter and belong!

So, does the world treat us differently? YES AND NO! Yes, it treats us differently than before because we demand it to! It’s the “I’m standing right here look at me!” It’s the head held high and your shoulders back. It’s the “I DESERVE that promotion!” Or “you WILL NOT treat me that way!” It’s our own inner confidence breaking the chains of the confinement we’ve placed on ourselves. YES, the world is full of bullies and people who don’t realize they’re dealing with a former “fat person”. They actually look AT you instead of through you. They smile more, make eye contact and offer a wave, but so much of that is because of what you’re now projecting out from the inside. So keep growing stronger in yourself and don’t let the world make you hide!

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  1. This couldn’t be more true. I’m thankful for Family!!!

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