Burning the Toxic Bridge


We all have THOSE people in our lives. You know the ones I’m talking about: THOSE whom you are forever doing things for, but never getting anything in return; THOSE that ONLY call when they need something from you; THOSE who belittle the decisions you’ve made in YOUR life because they would have done it differently. Yeah! THOSE people!
Why do we keep them in our lives? Why do we always feel obligated to be the “bigger person”? WHY do WE continue to bend over backwards to please THOSE people who have zero regard for our feelings?
Because we want to BE the friend we want to have! That’s admirable, that’s sweet, and that’s just NOT realistic when dealing with THOSE people!
See, THOSE people are Trolls at the Toxic Bridge. In order for you to pass and remain their friend / child / parent / sibling / significant other, you must cross the Toxic Bridge. THOSE people have made you believe that in order for YOU to be happy, THOSE people must be happy. They have manipulated their way into your heart and mind. They do this by using the best qualities you have, a great heart and a loving nature! THOSE people KNOW you’ll be there and they rely on that fact to get what they want from you. If they have caused you hurt, it’s because you did something to them to deserve it. THOSE people collect their troll fee in emotions. With their connection with you as the prize on the other side of the Toxic Bridge. They will emotionally and mentally tax you BEFORE you start down the bridge of no end. To this I say: BURN THE DAMN THING DOWN! BURN THE TOXIC BRIDGE! No more paying THOSE people a toll to be put through hell. No more going out of our way to please THOSE people who are NEVER able to be pleased. No more putting your wants and feelings on hold because THOSE people say that you should. BURN THE BRIDGE! You don’t HAVE to cross it. You don’t have to pay the troll fee anymore! BURN THE TOXIC BRIDGE!! KNOW that THOSE people NEED YOU, not the other way around! THOSE people do nothing for you and you do everything for them! BURN THE TOXIC BRIDGE!
Why burn the bridge and not just walk away? Because if you don’t burn the troll’s bridge, THOSE people will chase you down to get you back and then they repaint the old bridge and demand their fee; however, if you BURN THE TOXIC BRIDGE down you can get back into your journey and start looking for your rainbows! Use the glow of the fire to light your path to happiness! YOU deserve it!

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