Feeding Your Soul

We spent so much of our lives feeding our body, feeding our emotions and feeding our mental well-being, but when was the last time we fed our soul?
When we’re being “body healthy,” we feed our bodies healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and protein while we remove the sugar and carbs. When we’re being “emotionally healthy,” we feed our bodies with kindness, happiness and light. We embrace feelings of anger, hostility and sadness because we accept them for what they are. We remove the feelings of guilt we may have for any of our emotions. When we are being “mentally healthy,” we feed our bodies with healthy, positive self-esteem building thoughts and remove the negative derogatory things we think about ourselves.
How do you feed your soul? How do you feed the thing that makes you different from every other person on this planet? Honestly, the answer lies within you! You are unique because your soul is one of a kind and only you can find out the true “fuel” for your soul.
For me, I feed my soul with passion. Painting, coloring, writing, music, reading, yoga these are the things I’m passionate about! Your soul needs to be fed by the one thing in this world that you find the most enjoyment from. That is the food for your soul. For some of you, that night be taking a hike in nature, for some it might be laying in your bed at night breathing deep, it might be in prayer or meditation. You will know when you find your fuel source because the light in you will smile! You’ll be able to breathe in deep and exhale light and love. With each breath you take, remove the stress that sits on your shoulders; the thing that eats at your belly and makes it hard to breathe!
Go forth and find your passion; feed your soul and embrace the uniqueness that is you while spreading your gift to others.

1 thought on “Feeding Your Soul

  1. This is ever ranging. My kids used to be my soul focus. They are adults now so I’m still trying to find value for my existence. I’ve had so much alone time these past few years that focusing on my health has been biggest project. Mental health, happiness and well being is still a work in progress. I feel I’m ready to fly, but to where I have yet to figure out. Still searching. Very thought provoking blog Gail.

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