“Momma” Sherri Scarborough


I was sleeved 11/18/2015. I had been denied or bariatrics was excluded for several years prior to surgery.  My obesity started at a young age.  Vivid memory: I remember visiting my grandmother and my aunt, who lived next door, chasing me with a measuring tape. I was devastated and cried for days. I went on weight watchers at a young age but it didn’t work and I hated it. It made me resentful and rebellious. That day, it was like a light switch flipped when she chased me.  The conclusion that I came to was that food made me feel good and people sucked.  My family being from the south used food as a welcome, a comfort, a gift, fellowship, family time and food was the center of all outings or gatherings.  My parents were divorced and both sides had a laundry list of health issues.  Growing up, I learned to love good ole southern cooking and always over ate.  We all did!!

I was always the big friend but with my winning personality I had a lot of friends. I made bad decisions in regards to men.  Trying to get acceptance of me and my obesity.  I sought attention from undeserving friends.  I was never one to get down on myself and always had a high self esteem and self acceptance but my self worth was in the pits.

I’ve always been fat and happy. I looked in the mirror and saw beauty but in pictures, wow, very sobering.  At 38, I was diagnosed with diabetes and went untreated 4 yrs. I’m a bad patient. Then the bomb was dropped. Congestive heart failure and insulin dependent diabetes, again, I was sobered up!!  Damn it!!  Why did I let it go so far?  My baby, husband, mother, family, patients, doctors, and employees need me.
I’m not in a race. I love the new me. I’ve been off all 9 medications since the day before surgery and I’m not looking back. Am I perfect? Hell no!  But I’m me and I love me!!  I have my life back.  I would have wls all over again in a heartbeat. It’s given me a self worth that is unexplainable.
Words to live by, ‘Don’t ever let anyone or anything steal your joy!!’


Peace, Love and Happiness,


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