Amy Cleman


Hi Family,

My name is Amy and I have been asked to share my journey with you. I have always been on the heavier side, at least enough to be teased in school as the fat girl. I don’t think my weight really started to get out of control until middle school, when I was 13 yrs old my friend and I snuck out of her house and went drinking with a group of friends from school. One of the boys cousin was 21 and bought the alcohol for us. I did not get drunk and was completely aware when this 21 year old man raped me in front of my friends. Following that night I dealt with my supposed friends telling me you know you weren’t raped and that I wanted it, this went on for about 3 months. I never told my mom what happened and my behavior started to spiral out of control. I think I turned to food for comfort. My mom found out a year later and she immediately pressed charges but there was no proof. I did get court ordered counseling that was a joke. I did really well through high school I weighed about 150 lbs and was very active. At 22 I married my husband and we have 3 beautiful girls together, in 2002 my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and after a long and painful battle passed away 2 years later, again my only comfort was in food.
My weight loss journey has been a slow one, my highest weight was 220 lbs, I weighed in on surgery day at 204 lbs, I hit my lowest weight 9 months out and was stalled for months, so I decided it was time to get serious about working out, I joined a gym and started gaining weight, I cried as I gained 7 lbs and I knew muscle weighed more than fat but come on 7 lbs. Needless to say I took my measurements and I had lost 2”. Then yesterday for halloween I dressed in the same shirt I wore last year and I was so excited to see the transformation in my face and arms ( I have a muscle I can flex) and then on top of it I went down to a size 28 in miss me jeans (equal to a 6).  My weight loss has been slow but I am over a year out and my body is still making changes.
I know the things we have been through in our lives have been tough and I wish we could have been saved much of the pain, but I know our journeys have made us who we are today and I think I have finally learned to love myself, inside and out. This journey is not easy but I am thankful I chose my sleeve.
HW 220 Pic 1
SW 204 Pic 2
LW 146 Pic 4
CW 150 Pic 6

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