Erica F.

My journey first started in 2008 I went to my first seminar I was 325 pounds. I was so excited I was finally going to lose weight, well my addiction to food won, I didn’t go through with it. I was dependent on food, it made me happy when I was sad, when I was bored, and lonely. I went to another seminar a few years later and the same thing, I wasn’t ready to end my love affair with food.
I got up to 360 pounds before I realized, this is it I’m gonna die if I don’t lose some weight. I was pre diabetic, blood pressure was getting high and I couldn’t walk 5 feet without getting out of breath. I went to a seminar May 2014, and went to every appointment and actually looked forward to ending this disgusting addiction. I had gastric bypass April 15, 2015 and it’s honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself my entire life.
Has it been easy? Hell no. I’ve struggled with dumping, over eating, and all the fun stuff that comes along with that, but I’ve learned to live a healthier, much more active lifestyle and I have ZERO regrets.
I’m down almost 200 pounds, I have my days I feel fat, ugly and gross. I also have my days where I’m so damn proud of myself and wow I’m beautiful and almost thin. But best of all I’m healthy and I get to watch my kids and grandchildren grow up now.
My goal was 160, I’m 175 and I’m happy with that. I went from a tight 26 jeans and 4x shirt to a size 11 jeans!! And a medium sometimes large top!!! It amazes me I haven’t been these sizes since I was 10 years old, maybe even younger. I’m 41 years old and way more healthy then I was as a teenager. I look and feel better then I did in my 20s. NEVER going back!
Well this is my story, thank you for accepting me as family I love this group.

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  1. My story is very similiar to yours! Same age, stats, etc. Thank you for sharing! <3 It is definitely a life long emotional journey!

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