Time vs Now

Time is fickle! It is full of endless possibilities and opportunities missed. Time can guarantee two things: that we will always have it and it can always be taken too soon. See, time is a double edged sword. We are all guaranteed time on this planet; we’re just not aware of how much time we will have.

Every time we put something off, something for our personal self growth, we are tempting those fates. We are telling time “it’s up to you to decide if I fail or if I succeed” because time will give and take at it’s leisure.
However, we have a small loophole in regards to time, it’s called NOW! Time does not have control over NOW! If you get up and go to the gym right NOW, there’s nothing time can do to stop you because you’re already doing it! It doesn’t have the ability to create road blocks to stop you. If you eat healthy right NOW, you don’t have to wait till Monday to start a diet.

Time can be your biggest ally or your biggest enemy; the only way you can control time is in the NOW! Live for the NOW! Embrace the NOW! No more making plans for what could be because time does not give us that luxury. DO IT NOW! RIGHT NOW!! Control your NOW….. THIS ONE MOMENT….. because, honestly, this is the only one you have! Yes, Monday will come, that’s guaranteed.. you being here on Monday is not!

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