Feeding Your Grief

Death steals your breath. It tramples over your soul. It pierces your heart. It numbs your brain. But boy does it feed your emotions. Very few things in life, such as death, will trigger the knee jerk reaction to emotionally eat. Let’s face it, your brain is so foggy with grief and you can’t communicate with any other part of your body because it is blanketed in this darkness. Your emotions rule and fuel the constant need to be happy, but they’re unable to be because currently that emotion is being suffocated. So it screammmmms for SUGAR!!!!! CARBS!!!!! COMFORT!!! Anything to make this go away! The problem is that it’s a band aid to the pain. It may give you 2 mins of enjoyment, but, let’s be honest here, it’s not going to FIX anything! So, today I buy everything I can think of to deal with my grief.
Pizza ✔️
Ice cream✔️
Apple juice ✔️
Cheetos ✔️
I ate a donut and decided NO! THIS IS NOT OK! This will not heal you. This will not help you. This will not happen for you. So I decided to write and remind you that we’re human! We struggle, but we DON’T have to give up……we just have to get up…..and walk away!

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