Regain… THERE, I said it!

Ok y’all, it’s time….I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but even I must face the dreaded “R”. REGAIN!!! Ughhh!!! There, I said it! But let’s not shy away from this. Let’s face that donut eating demon. Regain happens! It’s normal and just like every other bad habit we have, it takes years of reconditioning to change, so inevitably we’re going to fall off the wagon and there’s going to be some regain.

We all know you can do a Pouch Reset, log your food and work out. We all know the key to weight loss is eating right and working out! We know this because we’ve done it! So, the issue isn’t how do you change the regain, the issue is how do you get your fire back? How do you get that drive back? How do you get that want and determination back?

I wish it was simple as “just do it!” But it’s not. It’s digging deep and remembering life as it was. Reliving the difficulties of being an overweight person and reminding yourself just how much your knees and back hurt! Your self-esteem was non existent! It’s making a NEW plan for yourself! It’s choosing a new obstacle to overcome! It’s giving you reason and motivation to keep going! It’s not only cutting yourself some slack on days that you try and fail, but also being your own kick in the ass on days where you feel like you’ve given up! Regain isn’t about food and working out, it’s about finding the drive that you once had to succeed in your lifelong journey. So go out and find that drive whether it’s signing up for your first race (I suggest our Peacocks Fly in July), taking a cooking class to learn how to cook healthier or making a list of goals you hope to accomplish for the year and work towards those goals. Regain is about mental change, not physical change! So dig deep, my Warriors, and face those demons with determination, drive and hope… not only for the life you have, but also for the life you had and never want to have again!

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