Limited Mobility Doesn’t Mean Zero Movement!

Just because your workouts may be limited due to your body and mobility, does not mean that you have to limit your movement! It means you work around your limitations and alter any exercise to fit your needs. Remember, any movement is good movement!! These are my top 3 workouts for those with limited mobility:

1. Pool: it’s not just for swimming! The amount of range in your work out a pool can provide is amazing! Walking in it, resistance bands, weights, actual swimming, water aerobics. Hell, even treading water will burn calories. All of these things are amazing for those with stiff joints, bad knees and backs.

2. Yoga: yoga is not about being flexible; it’s about becoming flexible. Look into yen yoga. It is all stretch based yoga; you don’t even get off the floor and it helps loosen up the connective tissue to your joints allowing more range of motion to those areas. Yen also stills the mind and focuses on breathing which can greatly reduce panic attacks and anxiety.

3. Chair exercise: thousands of people all over the world do these exercises! They’re a great way to stay active AND easy on the body! All from the comfort of your chair! YouTube has thousands!

Remember, the goal isn’t about anything other than moving a bit more than you did yesterday! THAT’S IT! Just being a bit stronger, more flexible and happier than you were the day before…. that’s what makes mission impossible become mission accomplished!

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