Unconditionally Loving Yourself

Unconditional love, we’ve all given it to our parents, spouses and children. Some of us have been fortunate enough to receive it from others, but what about for yourself? Have you given yourself the unconditional love that you so willingly bleed to others? I can tell you the answer to that is….NO! I KNOW this because unconditional love doesn’t tell you that you’re fat, ugly or stupid! Unconditional love doesn’t look at all the imperfections you have and continuously point them out to you! Would you look at your child and tell them that their butt is too big? That they have buck teeth? That they’re FAT? NO, you would NEVER say that to your child because unconditional love doesn’t work that way! So, how do you start loving yourself unconditionally? Here is a list of a few things to try… remember, it’s about effort, not perfection!

  1. Tell yourself, daily, 3 things that are amazing about yourself. I’m smart, I’m loving, I have beautiful eyes.
  2. Every day for an entire month, write yourself “I’m proud notes”. I’m proud of myself for all the hard work that I put into BWLF. I’m proud of myself for pushing my limits when I work out. I’m proud of myself for getting out of bed today.
  3. Stay off the scale!!! Spend a week measuring your happiness not your gravitational pull.
  4. Move that body! It releases endorphins to help you feel good! Even a walk is self love.
  5. Treat yourself to a day of enjoyment. Whatever that is for you. Reading, coloring, yoga, swimming, music, ice cream, massage, pedicure… embrace doing something nice for yourself!
  6. Remind yourself, daily, that you’re not perfect and that’s OK because imperfection is what makes you special and unique.
  7. Write out all the horrible, hateful and nasty things that you think about yourself! Read it; combat it; and set it on fire.
  8. Go to therapy. Learn coping skills that will help you improve your happiness.
  9. Call someone who has shown you unconditional love and ask them why they love you and repeat that to yourself daily.
  10. Be honest with yourself about the choices that you make and accept them for what they are!

There is no right way to unconditionally love yourself. It is whatever you need it to be; how you need it to be; when you need it to be! It’s finding the contentment in your soul. It’s stepping back and taking a deep breath when we say something negative about our self and correcting that behavior. It’s not allowing ourselves to tolerate being treated horribly by anyone, ourselves most of all!! But the biggest thing to remember is loving yourself unconditionally, though it may be hard, will teach the next generation to love themselves unconditionally and it won’t be as hard for them! So if you can’t love you for you….love you for your kids!

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