Turn that page!!

New chapters are important in life. Sometimes, turning that page is so scary, but you’ll never know how the story continues if you don’t turn that page! Will you succeed? Will you fail? Will you have a evil enemy to defeat? Will it be a happily ever after? Only YOU can answer that by turning that page! By saying I’m no longer rereading this same chapter over and over again!
Turn that page! Go see what your story has to offer you!! Know you can always go back, but you can never take back a regret or missed opportunity. So try! No one expects perfect, just effort!
TURN THAT PAGE! Experience the exhilaration of going on a new adventure. Wallow in the euphoria of chasing your happiness. Breathe life back into your soul. Enjoy those butterflies of the unknown.
This is your book! This is your story! This is your chance! Before you write THE END…start with…IT ALL BEGAN

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