Our Inner Demon

Weight loss is only a small part of this journey and to some, the easiest part! Learning your life over again and learning how to maintain your happiness is the hard part! Remember, if you’re not fixing the demons inside of you, they may lie dormant, but they’re not gonna lay there forever! It’s kinda like a Volcano: on the outside they’re beautiful and peaceful, but inside is a boil of hot turmoil and destruction. You see our “outer shell” may change, but fundamentally, our insides do not. If we don’t address the issues swirling around inside of us, it will manifest itself on the outside of us again.

For most of us, food was the comfort, friend, fixer and quieter of the demon. We fed it with food and it laid in slumber, happily accepting our offering. Then we faced it. We said no more! We did something about it… and we WOKE UP the demon.
Every day it’s a fight, but every night we go to bed happier for standing our ground. Some days it wins and some days we do, but every day it’s an internal battle of wills.

Surgery is NOT the easy way out! The easy way out was feeding the demon and keeping it happy so we didn’t have to look at what it was doing to us! Every day we wake up the demon, every day we face it and every day we beat it back a little more. It’s a battle. It’s war and you are warriors fighting your battle. Never in my life have I heard war was the EASY way out! So why would this war be any different…..it’s not!

Honor your inner warrior, help it in the battle by feeding it with encouraging words. Feed it with love, acceptance and understanding of your journey. Help the warrior fight the demons. Unlike the demon who needs food to thrive, the warrior only needs love of ourselves, growth and understanding. Choose your path, choose your weapon, choose your battle. Understand the number on the scale is NOT a score card for the war! Remember, that’s the easy part! Going to bed knowing you did the best you could and being at peace with yourself…..that’s how you win the war!

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