Transfer Addiction


One of the most scary and, sometimes, unrecognizable aspects of this journey is addiction transfer. Whether you choose to admit it or not, it’s there! Burying our heads in the sand about it is a sure fire way of causing severe damage to our mental, emotional and physical state. Look… we are ALL addicts! We’re FOOD addicts! Yes, EVERY SINGLE one of us! You can try to deny it all you wish; however, you wouldn’t be HERE and struggling with obesity if you weren’t! ANYTHING in excess isn’t healthy; including food, exercise, alcohol, smoking, shopping, gambling, medications etc.

Okay, now that we’ve established that we have an addictive personality trait, how do we combat that? How do we recognize that we may have an issue brewing? We listen to ourselves… like really STOP and LISTEN! We listen to our loved ones. They are usually the first to tell something is “off” in our behaviors. If you find yourself drinking multiple times a week, you may have a transfer. If you find that your credit card balances are creeping up because of shopping, you may have a transfer. If you find yourself popping more pills than you HONESTLY need, you may have a transfer. If you find yourself working out until you’re about to drop multiple hours a day, you may have a transfer.

Look… addiction transfer isn’t BAD! It’s normal human behavior! It affects ALL of us! IGNORING it is bad! Not listening to your body, your loved ones, your bank account… that’s a major problem with a huge potential for damage!

How do we combat this? Therapy, therapy, THERAPY!! Guys, only a trained PROFESSIONAL can help with addiction. ANY type of addiction. So take today to take inventory of your internal self. Really STOP and LISTEN to your soul! If you find you may have a transfer happening, PLEASE SEEK HELP! It’s ok, it’s NORMAL and most importantly………YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

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