Remove The Labels

Why must we label ourselves? Why must we constantly have a title to represent who we are? What we’re about and what our sexual preferences are; what our body looks like or how smart we are? It seems everything comes with a label, a title! A ”hey world, look at me! I am one of these people!” Or worse… “Hey world, look at (insert name) they are one of those people!”

I say remove the label! Peel that off and toss it in the trash! Be human! Be happy! Be Jack or Jill or Bob or Frank or Jennifer or Gail….be YOU! Be label free! Don’t allow someone to slap a sticker on you and just accept it.
You DON’T have to be the fat friend, the flighty girl or the team leader. You can just be YOU! We are so much more than one label, so why allow it to be the only one we see. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, thin, gay, bi, queer, lesbian, black, white, yellow, brown, orange, American, Hispanic, Chinese, Russian, African, Polynesian, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Atheist or Wiccan… just be YOU! Be the multi-colorful, multi-complex human being you were born to be! Stop trying to reach for a title to label your self worth and stop allowing people to place a label on you; diminishing your self worth! Being YOU is more than enough!!!

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