Yes!!! Surgery Was the Easy Choice!

When people say surgery is the easy way out… own it! Yes! Yes… saving my life was the easy choice for me because I want to live long and healthy, but I needed help to get started. So yes, learning about myself to make my life better and grow as a human was the easy decision. The hard decision was the fact I was having to put my body through a major surgery. The hard decision was having to chose to live my life in an entirely different way. The hard decision was having to look into my soul to fight the demons because I’m a warrior and I had to face it. The ONLY easy thing about this surgery, this path, this journey, this life is the decision to be happy! Everything else is a battle and instead of taking the easy way out and continuing to feed the demons that hound me I decided to be a warrior and give myself the weapons (surgery) needed to be successful in this battle! So own your “EASY”… it’s your RIGHT as a human to be happy and anyone that questions that is toxic!

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