Happiness Road

Happiness doesn’t mean zero stress. In fact, the “Happiness Road” is literally paved in stress. We’re always striving for that intangible thing, that far off illusion, that mirage of happiness at the end of the road and the closer we seem to get to it, the farther on in the horizon it appears. Happiness happens in moments along the way, NOT at the end of the road. STOP, take time to acknowledge what this moment of happiness is bringing you! A few moments of peace and quiet on a very busy day. A slobbery kiss from your pup or kid or mate. A trip to the salon. Reading a book, prayer, meditation, painting. You know the old adage “stop and smell the roses”?
What they’re really saying is STOP and look around you for your happy. It’s not some far off thing in the distance. It’s not killing yourself to get there. You ARE there! That thing in the distance… that’s a mirage! It’s fake, fleeting and is there to distract you from the here and now! Pay attention to your road! You’ve paved the path you’re on! It may be hilly or rocky, but it’s yours and it’s solid. So now take the time to appreciate the scenery around you. It’s not about killing yourself for that promotion, it’s about celebrating the hard work you’ve done. It’s not about having a ton of money, it’s about having a belly full of food and a roof over your head. It’s not about finding Mr./Mrs. Right, it’s about finding yourself so your soul mate can find you. It’s not about making goal weight. It’s about every pound, every drop of sweat, every no thank you to food that is “bad” for you. Happiness Road is paved in tears, fears, sweat, and disappointment. But take the time to smell the roses on your walk…..that’s where true happiness lies.

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