Hey Stranger

Hey stranger, it’s been awhile! How the hell have you been? I see you’ve gained some weight back. What’s going on? Why are you struggling? Is it because of pain or because of laziness? Is it because you would rather be in pain while sitting on the couch than being in pain while moving? Do you not remember how much better you felt; how strong you were; how driven you were? You allowed someone to hurt you and cause you to doubt yourself. Time to take in your worth! You’ve created something strong and gentle and loving and kind! You opened up the door to your home, but then locked yourself in the bedroom. It’s time to open the door, doll. Time to put on your armor. Time to draw your sword. Time to gather your tribe of warriors and lead the battle. You CAN do this! You’ve done it before by yourself. This time you’re not alone! Your husband is training with you. Your sisters are training with you. Your OHANA is WITH YOU! Not all battles will be won. Not all battles will be lost. However, your days of just sitting there not doing, not living, not enjoying because it’s easier is over! Nothing easy is worth having. Just because it’s hard doesn’t automatically make it too impossible to accomplish! This time you’re not fighting to prove to others you can do it. This time you’re fighting to prove to yourself that you can do it! To prove that life isn’t black or white, fat or thin… it’s colorful, it’s balanced, it’s at peace with itself! That’s where you want to be… at peace with yourself! You’re unhappy with the scale so stop feeding that unhappiness with food. Dig into your soul. Enjoy the pause. Take a deep breath and remember you CAN have your cake AND eat it too……as long as you’ve worked out and it’s not the whole damn cake. It’s time to reconnect stranger. It’s time for us to be friends again! It’s time….it’s just time!

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