Tribe Ohana Warriors

Life is a series of highs and lows. You have to grab on to the highs and hold them close to your chest during the times of the lows. It’s your floatation device during the storm. It’s remembering life isn’t always this bad, there are amazing things awaiting you, and you’re holding on to the proof. Sometimes we feel the lows are most constant more aggressive, and more suffocating than the highs, but you have to have the lows to appreciate the highs. The harder the low is, the more we have to embrace the learning experience it’s giving us so we can make something useful out of the cards we’ve been dealt. If you’re in the mist of a struggle, an inner war, it’s ok little warrior. You can pick up the fight at any time. Lows thrive on loneliness. It likes to isolate you and make you feel less than you are. However, here, you are never alone. You have a tribe of warriors behind you to pick you up or sit with you and hold your hand in comfort. At the end of the day, remember you survived and have survived 100% of the shit life has tossed your way so far. And that my darling, that is how you win the war. May peace fill your heart, may light fill your soul, may calmness fill you brain, and may steel fill your spine. You’re a warrior of Tribe Ohana…you got this…and we got you! #OhanaStrong

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