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But what if I die?

I think the biggest concern and questions we get are about complications or death from surgery.  Now as you know I’m not one to sugar coat things.  YES complications happen.  YES people can die from surgery. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PROCEDURE.  So this is usually what I like to say to those asking.

  1. Remember why you started this journey! Remember all your struggles. Remember all the times you’ve tried to diet and exercise on you own and it just hasn’t worked. Remember the dream of living a full and healthy life with your loved ones.
  2. Think about your future goals and dreams. Think about climbing that mountain, running that race, swimming those laps, dancing on that dance floor. Walking your daughter down the isle. Chasing your son down the side line at the football game.
  3. Know that YES its MAY happen that you have complications and it MAY happen that you “die on the table” HOWEVER if you don’t get your weight and health under control it WILL happen from being overweight.
  4. Don’t let fear be your deciding factor! Use it as a tool! Use it to drive you to succeed! Use it to escort you to the next chapter of your life. Use it to keep you from returning to this moment in time!
  5. Surgery is NEVER our first option.  For most of us it is our last-ditch effort to be healthy, happy, and whole.
  6. Most importantly love yourself enough to know your WORTH the change! you DESERVE  the chance! And happiness is just on the other side of that losers bench!
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Any movement is good movement

Any movement is good movement.  People tend to forget we started in the same spot they are! I didn’t just wake up one day 180lbs lighter and running marathons.  I started by walking to the top of my driveway. Then moving down to my stop sign. Then walking laps around the neighborhood.  If you can go a little longer, further, faster than you did the day before you are winning this journey.  Don’t compare your movement goals to anyone BUT the ones you just lapped on the couch! Your body is a machine, it made to MOVE.  Its made to do so much more than we think it can. Don’t sell yourself short because your not where you want to be.  Todays workout is tomorrows warm up!

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Life is fragile

Life is fragile, not a single one of us is guaranteed any designated time on this earth.  How do you want your life to be. If you’re unhappy change it. If you’re happy hold it tight. If the people in your life make you miserable, blood or not, let them go. At the end of the day it comes down to “Was I happy? Am I able to sleep well with my decisions today? Did I speak my truth?” On your death bed are you gonna regret that decision? If not GO FOR IT! If so don’t do it! Life is fragile. Own your happy! Be respectful of others happy, as it may not look like your own. We ALL have one fragile life to live, and we have to always do whats best for ourselves. Remember: Don’t let the opinions of others change your actions. They are not living your life, you are! OWN IT!

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Stay Humble and Kind

With the world in a constant state of chaos, I’d like to take a moment to remind people that LOVE is the calm in the storm.  Family strives daily to stay humble and kind.  Remember those who have helped you on your journey. Turn around and help the next person in line.  Offer a kind word, instead of criticizing. Put yourself in someone else’s place. Know their choices are whats best for them, even if they’re not what you would have done.  We all have to share this planet, but a kind smile, a slap on the back, a “hey I know life is hard but I’m here to listen”, will be the ONLY things things that will change the world.  HATE creates hate. LOVE crates love. The choice is yours my friends.

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When the world notices you changing.

When the world starts noticing you’re changing it can be quite a shock on how you get treated.  So many people are used to seeing us as the fat friend, fat sister/brother, fat spouse, fat kid, fat parent.  They can react in negative ways to our continuing changes.  They can start to treat you different.  Some become encouraging. Some try to sabotage you. Some just stop coming around.  IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! You are allowed and entitled to live a happy, and healthy life.  It always boggles my mind that others insecurities are wrapped up our weight loss.  I’ve heard it all. “Now I’m going to be the fat friend.” “You wouldn’t have lost all that weight if you never had surgery, you took the easy way out ” “I don’t like other men/women looking at you” “You’re so beautiful/handsome now that you’ve lost weight you’re going to leave me.” These are things people try to put on us to make us feel guilt over choosing this path.  Shake it off!!!! YOUR ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY! If they truly love you they will support you, regardless of their insecurities. You do NOT have to stay in the “box” they put you into. Break out of it.  DEMAND respect, you deserve it. DEMAND kindness, you deserve it. DEMAND support, you deserve it.  DEMAND HAPPINESS YOU DESERVE IT!