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Gail Reeves, Founder, President and on the Board of Directors. Currently Gail holds 30% share of the Board’s decision making capacity.

Gail Reeves
Sleeved June 23,2015
November 2014 I was told by the doctor that i was infetile. All my life all I ever wanted to be was a mother. Due to my tubes being damaged, pregnancy wasn’t a possibility unless i had IVF. So off to the specialist we went. After a review of my file and a once over by the fertility doctor I was told that they wouldn’t do any IVF treatments unless I was at 197 lbs. I was currently topping the scale at 315 lbs. I felt hopeless and lost. I turned to my old friend food to mend my heavy heart. As depression set in the pounds packed on and within a few months i had gained another 36 lbs. Now sitting at 351lbs I was hopeless, helpless, lost my identity, lost my happiness.
My Family doctor became extremely worried. I was 35 years old and at the rate I was going it was going to be a miracle if I lived to 50. I was on 3 different types of bp meds. I was getting cortisone injections in my knees, and feet just so i could walk.I would get winded walking up and down my stairs. Hell at one point i could barely wipe my own ass. So I started to research and I came across WLS. Turns out my insurance wouldn’t cover it, but I would die without it. My husband and I discussed it and took a loan from the bank for $25,000.
On April 15, 2015 I met with my surgeon Dr. JP at Wellstar Kennestone. Due to my size he wanted me to get RNY. However because we were paying out of pocket I opted for the sleeve as it was the cheaper of the two surgeries. I also wasn’t comfortable with the invasiveness of the other surgery. The next two months were spent seeing a slew of doctors and going through the “tune up” phase. Checking lungs, head, heart, blood, organs etc. I was at one doctor or another twice a week for 2 months.
On June 23, 2015 I was sleeved. Since that day my life has taken on a new identity. I have ran several 5k’s, 3 half marathons, one full marathon and I’m currently training for another full marathon. I train hard 5-6 times a week 2-3 hours each day. I eat healthier and I adore my new body! I have a new self confidence, and for the first time in my life I’m proud of myself.
On January 9, 2016 my  I started Family. I wanted a safe place where I could be myself and help others like me. We are currently taking Family into uncharted territory as we expand into one of the first bariatric non-profit charities out there. Were paving the way for people like us to get the supplies we need to be successful in this journey. In Family you are never alone. We are there to help you as you learn to fly and show your colors. Be vibrant as a peacock my loves




Chris Reeves is on the Board of Directors, and currently holds 15% share of the Board’s decision making capacity. <Insert Story Here>



Cassandra Crawford is on the Board of Directors and currently holds 15% share of the Board’s decision making capacity.

I cash paid (4.7k) for my sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. YES – it was scary as HELL going to another country to have surgery done. But it was only 30 minutes across the border and I found a company that made me feel very safe, and was highly rated in the international community. (PM me for referrals). It took a lot of courage… I even had a panic attack as I was being wheeled to the OR room. I remember the doctor telling me that I had to calm down to be put under or he couldn’t do the surgery!! Crazy

I come with a host of medical problems pre surgery. Fibromyalgia and IBS were lessened greatly after surgery. However, anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder went off the charts uncontrollable after surgery. I come from an abusive (sexually, physically, emotionally and mentally) background, and those issues came back in full force. For months after the surgery I struggled with depression. This journey wasn’t unicorns and rainbows for me, it was a fight and a struggle every damn inch I lost was like fighting mortal combat. I resented those that made it seem so easy. I had to be hospitalized twice in the last year for suicidal thoughts and tendencies. My medications had to be adjusted 4 times and finally completely changed before I balanced out emotionally. I used marijuana and alcohol to self medicate and help the pain of depression lessen. I know…I know… this seems like a super sad story. BUT ITS NOT! These are the potholes I had to go through on my journey to get to where I am now. I’m 90lbs down (10 from goal)!