And The Nation Came Together

They have a single moment in glory, one that can never be undone; it was the last one noticed because the tragedy had won. They fought with all their strength and they did the best they could but as their last breath was given their message was understood. And the […]

Tribe Ohana Warriors

Life is a series of highs and lows. You have to grab on to the highs and hold them close to your chest during the times of the lows. It’s your floatation device during the storm. It’s remembering life isn’t always this bad, there are amazing things awaiting you, and […]

Hey Stranger

Hey stranger, it’s been awhile! How the hell have you been? I see you’ve gained some weight back. What’s going on? Why are you struggling? Is it because of pain or because of laziness? Is it because you would rather be in pain while sitting on the couch than being […]

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey! We’re always rushing to get there, never allowing ourselves the opportunity to stop and appreciate the lessons we’re learning along the way. Always wanting immediate results, while ignoring the fact that every day is a result! Enjoy the journey! Slow your need to watch the numbers drop […]

Happiness Road

Happiness doesn’t mean zero stress. In fact, the “Happiness Road” is literally paved in stress. We’re always striving for that intangible thing, that far off illusion, that mirage of happiness at the end of the road and the closer we seem to get to it, the farther on in the […]

Feeling lost while finding yourself

  Nothing prepares us for life more than life! Just when you think you have it all under control, something pops up and makes you take a step back to reevaluate everything you’ve ever known. Life is full of uncertainties! It’s full of “what ifs” “what was” and “what could […]

Remove The Labels

Why must we label ourselves? Why must we constantly have a title to represent who we are? What we’re about and what our sexual preferences are; what our body looks like or how smart we are? It seems everything comes with a label, a title! A ”hey world, look at […]

Transfer Addiction

  One of the most scary and, sometimes, unrecognizable aspects of this journey is addiction transfer. Whether you choose to admit it or not, it’s there! Burying our heads in the sand about it is a sure fire way of causing severe damage to our mental, emotional and physical state. […]

Our Inner Demon

Weight loss is only a small part of this journey and to some, the easiest part! Learning your life over again and learning how to maintain your happiness is the hard part! Remember, if you’re not fixing the demons inside of you, they may lie dormant, but they’re not gonna […]

Turn that page!!

New chapters are important in life. Sometimes, turning that page is so scary, but you’ll never know how the story continues if you don’t turn that page! Will you succeed? Will you fail? Will you have a evil enemy to defeat? Will it be a happily ever after? Only YOU […]

Unconditionally Loving Yourself

Unconditional love, we’ve all given it to our parents, spouses and children. Some of us have been fortunate enough to receive it from others, but what about for yourself? Have you given yourself the unconditional love that you so willingly bleed to others? I can tell you the answer to […]

Limited Mobility Doesn’t Mean Zero Movement!

Just because your workouts may be limited due to your body and mobility, does not mean that you have to limit your movement! It means you work around your limitations and alter any exercise to fit your needs. Remember, any movement is good movement!! These are my top 3 workouts […]

Regain… THERE, I said it!

Ok y’all, it’s time….I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but even I must face the dreaded “R”. REGAIN!!! Ughhh!!! There, I said it! But let’s not shy away from this. Let’s face that donut eating demon. Regain happens! It’s normal and just like every other bad habit […]

But Wait… There’s More!!

“If I can do it, you can do it!” I HATE that saying! Why? Because I’m different than you! Because you’re different than me! Because there isn’t a right or wrong way to walk this journey! Because there ARE things that I can do that you just can’t! Because there ARE […]

Feeding Your Grief

Death steals your breath. It tramples over your soul. It pierces your heart. It numbs your brain. But boy does it feed your emotions. Very few things in life, such as death, will trigger the knee jerk reaction to emotionally eat. Let’s face it, your brain is so foggy with […]

Time vs Now

Time is fickle! It is full of endless possibilities and opportunities missed. Time can guarantee two things: that we will always have it and it can always be taken too soon. See, time is a double edged sword. We are all guaranteed time on this planet; we’re just not aware […]

My Mindful Eating Experience

My biggest issue was remembering to sit down and think about what I’m eating and not default to eating on the fly.  Previous to the 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge my “food time” was also car time because car time was the only time I had for anything.  That was before […]

Feeding Your Soul

We spent so much of our lives feeding our body, feeding our emotions and feeding our mental well-being, but when was the last time we fed our soul? When we’re being “body healthy,” we feed our bodies healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and protein while we remove the sugar […]

Burning the Toxic Bridge

  We all have THOSE people in our lives. You know the ones I’m talking about: THOSE whom you are forever doing things for, but never getting anything in return; THOSE that ONLY call when they need something from you; THOSE who belittle the decisions you’ve made in YOUR life […]

Little Ears Are Listening

  Our children hear what we say about ourselves, especially as mothers! As much as we tell our daughters how beautiful they are and how their smile and laughter brighten the room, we TEACH them to be critical of their body when they listen to us criticize ourselves. For example: […]

Why Suddenly the World Sees Us

Does the world view us differently or do we now view the world differently? Here’s the thing, before weight loss, most of us shunned eye contact, never spoke up and blended into the back ground. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to by years of bullies; because, for years, we were […]

It Is Our Nature To Change

As the leaves fall to the ground I am reminded things must die for new life to be reborn.  We must shed the spring beauty we have grown out of. We must hit the ground yellow and brown. HOWEVER, we don’t have to lay there and rot. We can drift […]

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

The kids are up. Time to feed them breakfast. It’s time to make their lunches, get them dressed and get them off to school. What do you mean you have a school project due today? 24 cupcakes – when am I gonna have time to make those? You need a […]

Tips For A Successful Journey

TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY PREPARE: 1) Always have fluids and food on hand. Keep protein bars or shakes in your car or purse. Keep a few bottles of water in your car. 2) Plan your meals ahead of time: By day, week, or month. 3) Eat within one hour […]

Head Hunger

Today’s topic the dreaded “head hunger”! Oh I know what your thinking, “it’s not in my head, it’s REAL!!!”. And while that maybe true SOME of the time, the majority of the time it is not. See head hunger FEELS real.  Your belly may growl, your brain may say oh […]

But What If I Die?

I think the biggest concern and questions we get are about complications or death from surgery.  Now as you know I’m not one to sugar coat things.  YES complications happen.  YES people can die from surgery. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PROCEDURE.  So this is usually what I like to say […]

Any Movement is Good Movement

Any movement is good movement.  People tend to forget we started in the same spot they are! I didn’t just wake up one day 180lbs lighter and running marathons.  I started by walking to the top of my driveway. Then moving down to my stop sign. Then walking laps around […]

Life Is Fragile

Life is fragile, not a single one of us is guaranteed any designated time on this earth.  How do you want your life to be? If you’re unhappy change it. If you’re happy hold it tight. If the people in your life make you miserable, blood or not, let them […]

Stay Humble and Kind

With the world in a constant state of chaos, I’d like to take a moment to remind people that LOVE is the calm in the storm.  Family strives daily to stay humble and kind.  Remember those who have helped you on your journey. Turn around and help the next person […]

When The World Notices You Changing.

When the world starts noticing you’re changing, it can be quite a shock on how you get treated.  So many people are used to seeing us as the fat friend, fat sister/brother, fat spouse, fat kid, fat parent.  They can react in negative ways to our continuing changes.  They can […]

No Two Journeys Are The Same

No two journeys are the same.  Our genetic makeup is unique, therefore our paths are unique.  The hardest lesson this journey will teach you is not to compare yourself to others! Easier said than done.  Just try to remember others will always lose more faster, be stronger, go father than […]

Ohana Strong

Today is a big day for Leigh Anne Pereira and I. You see January 9, 2016 Elle and I started Family. We wanted a safe place to be ourselves as we figure out who we’re becoming on this journey! Today we welcomed our 5,000th member! That’s 5,000 people just like […]

There Are Days

There are days on this journey when you question,”What is all this for?” “Why did I do this to myself?” “Why does food have to be so good?!” It’s normal. It’s a part of this wild and crazy ride.  It’s a reality check, when you step off the bariatric path. […]

Fighting The Good Fight

Every day of this journey there seems to be a struggle. You either struggle with food, clothes, image, emotions, life.  Its ok! It’s normal! Every day you fight the good fight.  Some days you win. Some days you lose. However, there’s always tomorrow on the horizon to try again.  This […]

Gail’s Running Tips

GAIL’S RUNNING TIPS **CARBS ARE FUEL IF YOU’RE RUNNING! YOUR BODY NEEDS THEM SO IT DOESN’T FEED OFF YOUR MUSCLES AND ORGANS! ADJUST TO YOUR BODY! GO AT YOUR PACE!** EQUIPMENT: Knee braces are a MUST! Walmart Ace adjustable straps are my favorite.They help prevent further damage and help with […]

Strut Proud In The Light

Life’s not black and white….. Our journeys aren’t black and white…..Its not one or the other…….or all or nothing…….it’s colorful….like a peacock…….you CAN have it all….like a peacocks plume, it’s about color balance. It’s bright, it walks with its head high. It’s unique, it’s YOUR STORY! WRITE IT! OWN IT! […]

Let’s Reflect

At my highest weight of 351 pounds I struggled to do everything a “normal” person could.  I could hardly walk up stairs, move around my house. Hell, I could barely breathe most of the time.  Life was a daily struggle of…..well…! This week alone I have walked over 40 miles. […]

Forever Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, smart, funny, kind and loving woman. She loved so many things about herself BUT there were so, so, so many things she hated about herself! She couldn’t buy the cute clothes. She was always the largest person in a room. She was […]

I Am A Peacock

At the beginning of my journey I was required to go to the ever dreaded psych eval. All the worry of “Am I too crazy?” “Am I ‘too damaged’ to have this surgery?” constantly vibrating in my brain. As I sit in the waiting room the ever-present voices of  “you’re […]