The Bum Warrior: part 1: My SLOW battle cry.

Food food food food food… over and over, it beats like a drum in my head! It’s not out of hunger; it’s not out of necessity; it’s out of addiction! The harder I try to ignore it, the louder and stronger it gets. I want to cry! I want to […]

There Are Days

There are days on this journey when you question,”What is all this for?” “Why did I do this to myself?” “Why does food have to be so good?!” It’s normal. It’s a part of this wild and crazy ride.  It’s a reality check, when you step off the bariatric path. […]

Strut Proud In The Light

Life’s not black and white….. Our journeys aren’t black and white…..Its not one or the other…….or all or nothing…….it’s colorful….like a peacock…….you CAN have it all….like a peacocks plume, it’s about color balance. It’s bright, it walks with its head high. It’s unique, it’s YOUR STORY! WRITE IT! OWN IT! […]