Family Projects

Second Annual Bluejay Auction – May 5 – 7

Hunter AdamsThis year we are hosting our Bluejay Auction for 2 year old Hunter Adams. Hunter suffers from grand mal seizures and is in need of a service animal to help predict them ahead of time to make sure Hunter is in a safe environment. We will be auctioning off unique items to the highest bidder! Please help us by bidding on those donations at Bluejay Auction.
Bidding doesn’t start until May 5, 2018 9am and will end May 7, 2018 at 9am (est). We have $2,500 to raise! You can also send cash donations to BWLFamily PayPal. Please include a note to say BlueJay Auction as we have several projects going at this time!

Visit our Bluejay Auction page to see the many items donated to this special cause.

Mod Squad Appreciation Week: May 14-20, 2018:

The week of May 14-20, 2018 is Mod Appreciation Week! Please think of and thank the Mods that have helped you along your journey! Without them Family wouldn’t exist! A simple Thank You goes a long way!

Junie Project – Christmas in June: June 1-30, 2018

We’re on the ball this year by getting a head start on our annual Junie Project Christmas list! For the entire month of June we will be asking members to purchase toys via our Amazon Wish List, to have on hand for Christmas! Last year we managed to supply 42 kids with a special Christmas that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Lets give 100 kids this year that same feeling! You can view our Wish List and select the toy(s) and they will be shipped directly to BWLF for December!

Peacocks Fly Half Marathon -10K/5K  JULY 7, 2018

This is our virtual race!  April 1, 2018 Prices will increase  – Register Now 

Come join us if your local for our second annual Peacocks Fly Run! This is our second year of Peacocks Fly and our first year of hosting a half marathon and 10k. This is a virtual race, therefore it’s go at your own pace! If it takes you 30 minutes or 7 days we don’t care, we just want you to celebrate your independence with movement!

Please sign up for our Peacocks Fly race. We have amazing swag packages to show off your accomplishments! Remember 100% of the proceeds go to the foundation.

Hannah’s Homecoming: August 1, 2018- Oct. 1, 2018

Hannah's HomecomingWe need your Formal Wear! Our goal is to help high school kids who can not afford homecoming because of Formal Wear to be able to go!
Lets be fairy godmothers to these Cinderellas.
Please donate any formal attire to:
PO BOX 1551
Woodstock, GA